Wildwood Landscaping in Waxhaw realizes that most property and home owners in the Waxhaw area wish they had more time and the equipment to start or finish their tough landscape site work.


Sometimes the outdoor projects are fairly small, like removing undergrowth or shaping a drainage ditch. Other times, the projects are more complicated needing specialized equipment, for removing dead trees and stumps, clearing pastures or putting in a new driveway.



What's impossible for you is just right for us...


Wildwood Landscaping in Waxhaw understands these challenges and, under the direct supervision of our key landscaper Sotero Arias Plata, is ready to assist local property owners and builders get the work done.


Waxhaw area residents and home builders have admired Sotero’s site and landscaping work at Wildwood Estates on Davis Road.


Please call us today at 704 292-5575 for a free estimate and recommendations for your next project. We have the equipment, manpower and expertise to help you finish your projects affordably and to your satisfaction.

Wildwood Landscaping is a local insured contractor, based in Waxhaw, NC.

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